60 thoughts on “>you can’t play games on linux”

  1. >you CAN play games on Linux
    >well….not that one
    >ooo not that one until the EAC patch is out
    >oh you’re gonna need to hope this custom config works for that one (spoiler, it won’t)
    >yeah that one’s gold rated!…because the "only" issue is that the audio breaks and the display flickers
    >no that one will get you banned from multiplayer if it detects you’re running Linux
    >that one works but only if you get the Windows version and do this and this and this and this to get it to work
    >this one has a native port…that doesn’t have any crossplay with the much more popular Windows version

  2. MMOs are not videogames. And emulation falls apart the moment you have to run any 3rd party tool at all, the other day I saw someone whining they couldn’t get mandatory Dark Souls 3 mods running, think it was the anti-cheat.

  3. I’m getting a weird bug with the steam client
    every once in a while it refuses to close unless I manually kill the process
    weirdest part is that this happened in windows 10 too

  4. >linux? no thanks, I dont like my OS being a second job
    >shit, automatic updates turned themselves back on, give me twenty minutes
    >i need to adjust a setting? time to edit an incomprehensible registry entry because neither of the two control panels work
    >give me a minute I need to stop windows from restarting in the middle of the night to install updates, I just have to punch "powercfg /setdcvalueindex scheme_current sub_none F15576E8-98B7-4186-B944-EAFA664402D9 0" and "powercfg /setacvalueindex scheme_current sub_none F15576E8-98B7-4186-B944-EAFA664402D9 0" into powershell

    • You got it via package manager? it is a bit of a bitch now, disabling the online core updater etc if you get via package manager (but you can enable it in the RA itself)

      • you simply need to configure the core and core info directory somewhere that you have write permissions to, if you don’t then it gets retarded

  5. Linux for gaming is only useful if you have a low end AMD videochip, like an Ryzen 2200/2400/3200/3400g

    Luckly for me it’s my case, so linux it is.

  6. >real human beings really use gnome 3 in the real world
    a decade later I still can’t believe my eyes.. am I trapped in a coma? is this hell?

  7. Lutris work for diablo 3?

    Tried setting it up on my first ever ubuntu build bu configuring wine myself and ithe load times were cancer.

      • Wonderful, might be able to remove my win10 dual boot finally. D3 the literal only reason its still there.
        Know what im doing when i get off this bus

          • I’m not sure you actually do, since Lutris has functionality to download wine versions in the GUI.

            Also, you do this to yourself by using Debian.

          • hmm seems that that would be correct.
            Moved to debian from ubuntu b/c i wanted to rely more on the cli to help me learn linux.

            also running sid which increases problems for myself, seems like ‘apt-key add’ just depreciated recently w/ deb11

            went to try to simply download lutris, but it’s using that same ‘apt-key add’

            so you’re 100% right that im putting myself through this. But by the end ill hopefully understand how to add a key to trusted.gpg.d

  8. >be me
    >run Linux
    >"it’s better than windows"
    >double-click spider.exe
    can’t even run frickin spider solitaire

    this thing is garbage


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