>dedicate your life to setting new standards for video games

>dedicate your life to setting new standards for video games
>People would rather code using Unity and Unreal instead of Source 2.
What’s even the point to making games anymore if these imbeciles refuse to follow? they refuse anything even when it’s good for them and it brings them money, how fucking masochistic do you have to be?

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  1. For indie titles?
    It makes sense, small games built in pre-fab engines that do the job more than well enough are fine.
    For large studio projects?
    Completely unacceptable, especially if your game includes networking of any kind, shit like this is why the Tarkov devs still can’t figure out how to implement a working anti-cheat, keep a somewhat stable framerate or have servers that don’t choke and die constantly.

    • not at all.
      anti-cheat is a twofold problem of 1. are you willing to have a kernel-level rootkit to combat kernellevel cheats and 2. are you smart enough to build good heuristics. Has both fuck all to do with base game code.

      The primary reason to use established engines is saving time. Nothing else.

    • He wants game developers to care more about vertical slices, gameplay and creative ideas are most important in making game cult classic.
      Also long game development is not good game development, with more and more money company spends, the more likely is that the game will get off course of what made it great.
      So to do that requires changing how production goes in game industry.

  2. You want Game studios to be less afraid of the new gameplay ideas, and to make demos out of these ideas, using cheap components but on well developed game engines made by game studios themself made from money of people interested in new game ideas by Crowfounding.

  3. Isn’t this unironically true though? Being able to read books, process that information and then relay it in your own words to show you’ve actually understood it is a pretty good metric of intelligence. Is the idea that people actually have photographic memories and are just copy and pasting paragraphs out of books they’ve read in the past?

    • Outdated information puts a wrench into this.
      People with zero information > people with wrong information. The other issue is repeating information is the lowest hurdle. The real test is correct application of learned material to new problems. And extending knowledge is something you only will be doing for your doctor thesis. TLDR up to master is still just extended school.

  4. Why do they refuse to copy good games, Ganker?
    >inb4 muh success
    No, Nier Automata was very successful yet no big studio copies them.
    Grand Theft Auto also has no worthy competitor from a giant like Valve, Blizzard, Tom Clancy, etc. only small unknown studios attempted to copy grand theft auto.

  5. >Source 2
    Source 2 is just shit stapled onto Source, which is just junk glued onto GoldSRC, which is just crap piled onto id Tech 2. The codebase is terrible

  6. >The game doesn’t have the exact pacing we need, lol let’s cut content in droves instead of creating skirmishes/extra content outside of the main campaign.
    >This game demo we paid 3 million dollars for isn’t good, let’s cancel it and start a new game demo that will cost us another 3 million dollars!

    Wow if only there was some safe environment in which you could test your ideas and LITERALLY EVERY FUCKING ENGINE, EDITOR, GAME, ETC. YOU RETARDS.

    Miniclip, Flash games, Starcraft 1, 2, Warcraft 3, Roblox, G Mod have so many custom games that have had years of balance fixes and true and tested gameplay mechanics. Why don’t you copy any of those ideas? are you retarded?

    >Wow let’s hire these highly talented 2D artists asking for a buttload of money for some concept art when our main game is in low-poly 3D. Yay don’t you love wasted money?
    >Lol let’s hire these 3D modellers and animators for our demo xD we can’t just have blocks, spheres and silhouettes interacting with each other in A FUCKING DEMO xD

    >Let’s NOT reuse the previous amazing engine because mentally retarded reasons.
    >Let’s NOT go back to our previous games to add new features to them, recycling is for hippy retards. Let’s not add multiplayer support despite the fact the game’s main downfall was that there was no multiplayer.

  7. Source 2’s ACTUAL dev tools are still held hostage along with Garry’s fucking "Roblox but source 2 and hot dog people" abomination. He’s still releasing it to one fucking person at a time based on their workshop activity. If you want people to develop for source 2, you have to wait until s&box is actually fucking NORMALLY RELEASED.

  8. Stop hiring "programmers" who work in Unity and Unreal Engine, either ban it completely or pay them 100$ a month.
    It is not normal to pay some CHILD, some AMATEUR 150k a year to work in the equivalent of Game Maker or RPG Maker or Roblox Studio. It’s not fucking sane in the head. You are hiring a scammer. You are hiring a child. People do this shit FOR FREE. You have a fanbase USE IT.

    Stop hiring "3d modellers" who just steal assets and modify them a little.
    Stop paying video game animators Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks wages for animating you 1-3 second loops, they animate a total of 6 minutes worth of animation which is procedural to begin with and you somehow pay them as much as a Pixar animator.
    Stop doing retarded shit like this.

    If you have a working demo then release the fucking demo under a paywall. DLC after the main game is released is useless.
    You can gather a lot more people by hyping them up like Starcraft 2 did and then having them pay 10$ for the demo or make rich people pay 1000$ and make them sign a contract or hell make it a crowdfund thing where if everyone "donates" 10 million dollars in 1-2 years then release the demo
    . Do not make 1 month kickstarters, nobody, not even richhomosexuals have millions of dollars on the ready to suddenly give to you so much fucking money in such a limited timeframe, it takes investors 3-4 months to even get their assets collateralized properly.

    Make it a normal thing to crowdfund your game even if you have 500 billion dollars in your pocket. Your whole idea is to avoid any risks/money sinks. You’re suppose to alleviate spending money.

    You have a fanbase USE IT. There are people ready to create endless content for you FOR FREE. There are endless level designers, programmers, skinners, 3D animators, 3D modellers willing to help create content for your game FOR FREE.

    Release the fucking source code cause there is absolutely no reason not to.

  9. >Be good and others will follow
    >Meanwhile people refuse to follow Rockstar games or refuse to follow The Sims.
    They all live in their own cliques and ignore each other.

    Yeah no I need to hold the world by the balls AND EVEN THEN they would still find a way to bite back and refuse my teachings.
    I could: pay them millions of dollars, I could hold their families hostage, could shove them in a bunker and feed them nothing but bread and water and idiots would prefer messing around/masturbating/sticking to their old ways, they’d prefer to never change. CHANGE IS UNCOMFORTABLE to them.

    I have a grandma, she cannot cook worth a shit. She taught herself the wrong way to the point someone who never cooked in his life can cook better than her. She is so fucking stubborn that I BET, I BET MY HOUSE that if I beat the living shit out of her she’d still refuse to listen and re-learn how to cook. She’d genuinely pick "No, I can’t do it. I cook good already"

    Same deal with the retarded fanfiction-tier writers after 2007, those who got into DC and Marvel movies or these disgusting "cartoonists" like Rebecca Sugar.
    They’d genuinely take "NO" first even if I gave them no options, they’d genuinely fucking love to keep stubbornly doing it their old repetitive ways that’s harmful to them and those around them instead of fucking relearning the correct way.
    Cell stubborness is just that thick. It’s like trying to convince blood type A to accept blood type B. They’re biologically incapable of LISTENING TO REASON.


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