Kojima: Big video game tits are fine because they have deep backstory He’s solved the riddle of how to oversexualize female characters while not being sexist.

“light and airy enough to aid mobility.” Works for me.

Hideo Kojima has gotten a lot of flak over the years for putting sexy stuff in his video games. Many were outraged when women with boobs and cleavage appeared in his Metal Gear Solid series — not once but many times throughout the whole series.

But put down your pitchforks, there’s a reason for all of it. In a recent interview with BBC Radio 1, Kojima clears up his artistic choices for all the naysayers. 

“What I really want to avoid is, like you see in some games, characters with big breasts with no back story,” Kojima said. “If I make characters that at first glance might look like this then they’ll have a deep background story to give a specific reason why.”

Wow, we all knew Kojima was a master at making video games, but who knew he also was woke to feminism? He’s essentially solved the riddle of how to oversexualize female characters while not being sexist. Just explain why they are being sexualized and write them as well rounded characters. Hollywood take note.

He was probably referring to his much criticized character Quiet from Metal Gear Solid 5. She is a super soldier who because of a parasite breathes through her skin which prevents her from wearing much clothing.


Now we get to have our boob cake and eat feminism too.

Kojima says he wants to take a different approach for his next game Death Stranding and this is already apparent from the first trailer. One of the first shots is a naked Norman Reedus which will certainly set the tone for the game. So if Kojima makes a switch from scantily clad women to scantily clad Norman Reeduses, does that make it a win for feminism? I think so.

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