66 thoughts on “>Installed a bunch of mods that make the game 10x faster while upping the difficulty”

  1. Anyone have any recommendations on who to watch play this?
    I feel like this isn’t a game where you just watch some IGN video to get a feel for it.
    Sounds like I should watch a crew.
    Drop a link please?

  2. I’ve fucked around with mods but stopped because it’s a hassle to download a whole new set and for any that alter weapon mods or equipment it requires you being in the lobby to take advantage of it.

    If there was some way to customize loadout upon joining or loadouts that change based on mods it would solve this issue. Or even just dedicated servers would be cool. If there was a Haz 6 CVO server with increased bug cap I’d just play that.

  3. never got the appeal, bought it during EA, shooting feels unresponsive and unrewarding, movement is awful because it’s vertical, RNG generated objective locations are giga cancer, skill system is niche
    tried to give it a try, never hooked me and personally a terrible coop game with no real depth

    • I started it during 2019’s E.A., and it instantly hooked me and all my friends.
      Claiming it to not have depth and bitching about verticality is just pants on head retarded.

        • It’s one of the most fun and timeless games I’ve had a joy of experiencing in the past 30 years. Will certainly be enjoying this babe for years to come. We already got a gayman’ weekend booked for the next month, when the next big update drops.

  4. I would very much appreciate modded 6-man or higher with scaled enemies, whether by health or numbers, assuming whatever the hell their mod support is doesn’t require any effort from those joining

    • I didn’t ruin the game I made it a hell of a lot more fun and faster.

      post mod list OP

      Starship Troopers
      Speedster Molly
      Minigun carve radius increase
      EPC carve radius increase and hitscan projectiles
      Bulk Det infestation
      Faster drills
      Faster o2 regen
      High quality ziplines
      Better flares
      Swinging grapple for Scout
      Unnerfed thorns, upgraded perks
      100% encounters (bet-c, korlock, crassus,) (use this sometimes)

  5. This is why you need a friend group to play it optimally. Besides most of the approved mods aren’t even updated to the current version of the game so you’ll never play with randos.

    • >Besides most of the approved mods aren’t even updated to the current version of the game so you’ll never play with randos.

      Is this why I’m not getting ppl join? The mods work for me, do they disable my games from being public? Fuck

      And idk why the mods aren’t updated anyway, the game gets an update every 2 months.

  6. pipeline extraction is the only actually fun gamemode
    I stopped feverishly grinding and doing deep dives after my first prestige and just play pipeline now, if there isn’t a pipeline mission I close the game


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