47 thoughts on “it’s not that good”

  1. odyssey is great, but I think it tried to capture the magic of SM64 without really understanding what made SM64 great to begin with

    in SM64 anything could hold a secret, the painting mechanic meant that literally any wall in the game could reveal something. I remember my mind being blown when I jumped into a random wall in the basement and found an entire stage

    odyssey is open and really free-roaming, with some of the best movement in the entire series … but there’s not much mystery. if you see a pipe, you know there will be a challenge room. each challenge room holds two moons. see a toad with headphones? play a song. see a rocket? another extra stage.

    the first time you see these things it captures the same magic as SM64, but the issue is that in SM64 nothing is repeated. each idea is used once then never again. Odyssey feels the need to reuse inventive ideas over and over until they no longer feel meaningful or mysterious

  2. Super Mario Odyssey is one of the best video games of the past decade. There isn’t another 3D platform game fit to lick the shit from SMO’s boots.

  3. Pros: the movement is top notch, the worlds are cool
    Cons: the moons feel fundamentally unsatisfying to collect, instead of having 900 based primarily on bullshit hide and seek, having far fewer based on genuine platforming challenges would have been much more fun
    All in all 7/10. Great mechanics, shitty execution and gameplay focus.

  4. This game feels like it’s begging for a sequel, it felt like it was building some platforming depth near the end but then it’s over! The explarotion was good, the gameplay is alright, but the visuals didn’t enchant me as much as it did other people I guess
    It was just ok but a sequel in this gameplay style would be really fucking good

  5. 10/10 game for me. Some of the worlds were a little disappointing but it was so varied, charming and wildly creative and fun that I can’t hold a couple unrealised potential points against it.

  6. It wasn’t designed as a 3d mario game first, it was first designed as a switch game.
    Think about it.
    The strenght of the switch is that it’s mobile so you can always just get some 15 minutes playtime. That’s why there are so many moons scattered through the map. It was designed to be played for 15 minutes and then work and then play again work again ….
    If you can’t see that you are a brainless zoomer.

  7. I liked it a lot. I just wish they had made it weirder, with more levels like New Donk City. The forest-floor area of the Forest Kingdom was also pretty cool.


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