Top 10 relationship simulators to play instead of getting #MeToo'd


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and thanks in part to services like that helps couples end their marriage in just a few clicks of the mouse, there are now more single Americans than married people. Pretty much by the time the last boomer dies off, the only marriages left are going to be tax schemes and YouTube pranks.

And in fact, it's now getting more and more common not to deal with the opposite sex at all. This is a fraught new era, writes NBC News, full of paranoia and potential allegations. Talking can lead to flirting, which can lead to #MeToo.

But we're still humans, with biological drives and emotional needs.

Enter the dating and relationship simulators. These games allow players to explore dating and relationships with all of their usual ups and downs, and there are thousands of them catering to every conceivable demographic and orientation. How to choose which one to play?

We've got you covered, and even included the letsplays.

1. Date Ariane

A free game for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android that was originally released in 2004 and continually improved since then, Date Ariane is something of an internet sensation. The game tasks you with spending an evening date with Ariane, and the choices you make can lead you in wildly different directions. This is more on the erotic side of things, but it's also often just downright hilarious.

2. Seduce Me the Otome

You're a senior student inheriting a house from your grandfather. Upon moving in you of course discover five handsome men lying injured on the floor, as you do. Even though this story is full of secrets and mysteries, there is enough of a romantic component to satisfy the amorists.

3. Lucky Rabbit Reflex

This game will allow you to choose between two characters – a boy and a girl. The main idea is to simulate a full life of studying, making new friends, partying, getting a job, and of course, finding your special one. Multiple different endings, incredible visuals, and an intriguing story.

4. Date Warp

A beautiful Indian American student went on a date and never came back. Who was her date? What happened to the girl? Was she kidnapped? You will have to find answers to these and many other questions. Incredible mechanics and gameplay.

5. Always Remember Me

A boy named Aaron has lost his memory in a car accident, and Amy, the main character of the game and the boy’s girlfriend, will have to help her boyfriend recollect many things from his past. There are three more characters that you can date, but your main focus will always be Aaron.

Along with all the memory things, Amy will have to develop a good life for herself, too. This includes making new friends, getting a job, interacting with others, etc. Nine possible endings and many choices to make will not let you get bored.

6. Analog: A Hate Story

This sci-fi story is about an interstellar ship lost for thousands of years, and an investigator who tries to figure it out. This game focuses on many challenges, transhumanism issues, and interpersonal relationships. Multiple endings.

8. The Flower Shop: Summer In Fairbrook

Your character is a college student who has broken up with his girlfriend and moved to his uncle’s farm for the summer holiday. The story revolves around the boy working farmland, growing wheat, and building a romantic relationship with one of four available girls. This captivating game will help you get through gray days.

9. The Flower Shop: Winter In Fairbrook

You've been sent to get a job in a flower shop after you finished your first semester in college. You are asked to choose a boy (four available) and date him through the game until you break up. Multiple endings.

10. Love and Order

The story takes place in Montreal, where your character works as a secretary. Along with carrying out your duties, you manage your social and love life. No matter whether this is your boss, a law student, or an assistant attorney, you can date whoever you want. Multiple endings and incredible visuals.

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    Date Ariane is also available as a webpage game don't know if it's the same as the original but I got 3/10 and no luck for "talking too much"

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