39 thoughts on “Shantae (GBC) – Is it just me or is this game kind of bad?”

  1. When I saw that invincibility potions and protection-from-pits potions were basic items you can stock up on in the very first shop in the game, I started to get a bad feeling about the gameplay design

  2. Wayforward’s trajectory is kind of interesting to me. I remember as a kid in the 2000’s Shantae was already considered sort of a legendary game and fairly pricy. Their website was really low rent and had a fun section for things like sprites of Transformers characters Bozon did at one point. They also had like no updates for years between 04 and the late 2000’s. Even back then they were trying to get Shantae a new game, even attempting to do it as a plug-and-play which would’ve been interesting to see. Then they got Contra 4, and the fact that it was 4 and not just some spinoff made them seem like a legitimate developer

  3. I played Wendy Every Witch Way recently based on its status as a cult favorite, and god damn did it fucking suck level design wise. So uninspired, clearly all the effort veered off into tech-demo wankery. I can’t imagine this being any better since it’s from the same team.

  4. >Tough-looking teen Shantae
    >Risky looking like a twisted-up skeleton
    >Sky wears only a shawl and panties
    I miss the original designs.

  5. Yeah, it’s not that great. Impressive sounding and looking for a GBC game and especially Waifuward’s first, but that’s it. Biggest problem is that you can’t see shit around you during platforming sections so there are a lot of leaps of faith. Which usually lead to bottomless bits.
    It’s ambitious but badly designed.

    Pirate’s Curse is incidentally the only good game in the series.

      • I was really unsure about that "first" but I felt like it must have been their first considering all the time they spent designing the titular character,

        >all the effort veered off into tech-demo wankery
        Tech? For a gameboy game?

        Not that anon, but "tech-demo wankery" basically means they really tried to get everything out of the handheld hardware of the time.
        It sounds absolutely silly now, but it was the reality to lot of smaller devs.

        • Before Shantae, on the GBC they had Wendy Every Witch Way, 2 platformers based on the animated Sabrina the Teenage witch that i want to say were probably very early platformer tests that helped them with Shantae and also an xtreme sports rpg thing. Before that they had a bunch of pc stuff reaching back to the early 90s.

  6. I’ve played all the shantaes. I’d say just skip this. It’s not bad for a gameboy game. Easily the worst shantae game in the series and it’s definitely not a top 10 gameboy game or anything either. If it was shorter it’d be more playable but it’s long for a gameboy game.

    • Yeah, it’s my least favorite of the series. I like the games but really if you aren’t into shantae then there probably won’t be much in the series to keep you engaged and entertained.

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    It’s a mediocre game that was only remembered for being one of the last GBC games to come out and then defended enmasse by coomers who went crazy over the art in the Kickstaters for the newer games.

      • Pirates Curse was one of those games where all the various mechanics didn’t really come together till the tail end. It’s probably the best in the series, but it’s a shame that you don’t really feel engaged until it’s practically already over. I feel like a lot of the better Wayforward games have that issue.

  8. I wanted to play it since it came out and was severely let down when i did, the entire franchise really. Its just an alright castlevania clone with nice gbc animation. If you got it in a discount bin as a kid it would probably have been a good time compared to most gbc garbage, but it’s certainly not some amazing gameplay experience.

  9. >Depth of gameplay
    >Exceptional American style pixel art
    >Surprisingly good little tunes
    >Pure kino
    This game has none of these

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      It’s really average.
      I played through it once and had a few criticisms but I forget what they were. The 2nd game was better, and some of the later games are as well.
      There 1/2 Genie 1/2 Hero which sucks because of the backtracking through levels, like a Wario game.

      Kinda agree. The games are ok for a playthrough but so is literally any other platformer. The reason people are drawn to Shantae games is not for the game itself.

    • A lot of people do but the games are far from being bad, althought the people going for the fanservice would end up very disappointed, the actual games are quite light on that front
      Risky’s revenge is the only one with more questionable quality, the original one has a rough start but it has the best map and dungeons of the franchise

  10. I tried it. looks great for GBC obviously, but it’s style over substance. Almost like a yuroformer, but slightly better (because it’s American).


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