So you want to become a pro gamer

Gaming is no longer just mainstream. It's come to dominate entertainment for most demographics, and pretty much everyone considers themself a gamer of some sort these days. The thing is that you can play games so readily now due to them being available on your phone, console, or TV.

But true gamers are always distinct from the noobs thanks to their expertise, skills, and the equipment they use. If you want to get to their level, we have just the gaming tips & tricks to kick you up the gaming ladder a rung or two.

You have to be a PC gamer

No matter how much console gaming improves upon itself, it will always be trumped by gaming for PC. This is because the majority of gamers value computer gaming due to its functions and accessibility. Plus, you can always upgrade your PC hardware as you go along, instated of having to buy an entirely new platform. Keeping the same hardware and altering its internal components such as memory, RAM, and graphics at a whim saves money and gives you extra horsepower when it matters.

Console gaming has a lot of ground to catch up on because it comes with fixed hardware that can only be upgraded by next-gen consoles from the same brand. This usually takes years and console gamers have to wait for the entire duration. Pathetic!

Of course, PCs can also be used for other productive activities and work from home alongside gaming. Makes sense to spend your hard-earned cash on something that gives back on multiple fronts.

Choose a game in a genre that suits you best

If you're over 30, don't pick twitchy video games like Starcraft. The science is pretty clear on our response times rapidly diminishing after the age of 24:

After studying 3,305 people ages 16 to 44, researchers found that the brain’s response time begins to decline at age 24. The descent is a slow, but nonetheless, steady one.

Researchers observed study participants’ reaction times as they played the video game StarCraft 2, and analyzed the speed at which they made “game-time” decisions to save their virtual lives.

The findings shouldn’t completely devastate you. The study also found that older participants compensated for their shortage of speed with strategy and efficiency.

Get actually decent accessibility & internet

As long as your PC has hardware good to go, all you need is a proper internet connection. Sometimes issues arise when you might have everything available to become a formidable competitive player but your internet speed is the only thing holding you down. In such cases, you’d want to have a high-speed internet connection that provides low ping and lag-free internet.

When looking for a gaming internet, fiber internet provides optimal quality for gaming. We would suggest a new but fast-rising name in the market, with clearwave fiber that not only works optimally but also has great customer service for readily replying to and fixing your anomalies. They also have great plans with affordable options to choose from.

When your internet is good to go and hardware is all sorted out, all you need next is to get equipped with suitable equipment. This is the fun part. Streaming and researching comes in here but we’re here to guide you through it all:

Big gaming monitor with adequate refresh rate

This is incredibly important, and isn't properly appreciated by people who are used to office monitors. Your display is the backbone of your experience, especially so when it comes to competitive gaming. A powerful screen with a high refresh rate is required because when you’re in a match and have to keep your head on a swivel and respond to feedback in seconds, a high refreshing screen must be there to show you changes in the split of a second.

This is particularly important when it comes to racing games like Need for Speed or twitch games like Call of Duty where you’re either dealing with speed trials or real-time tactics on how to take the enemy down. Plus, who doesn’t like to game on a big screen and bash in all the goodness of extreme gaming.

A good headset

Another major game changer is having a capable handset. Especially useful for competitive gaming and socializing. Many of us feel shy in talking to each other and just want to have a good match but, depending on the game, maintaining a channel of communication is necessary in order to win the game.

PC games like PUBG, Call of Duty, Destiny 2, and Fortnite encourage talking to each other so you can devise strategies and keep everyone pinged about various happenings inside the game. Make new friendships and clench victory in heated moments by being a team leader all because of good communication through a dedicated headset.

High response mouse

If you don’t have a mouse on your entire setup then you can forget about the bigger titles completely. A dedicated, gaming mouse is crucial to have in order to complete your kit. It also provides a lot more accuracy and precision for firing shots or aligning your character.

The mouse is also used to keep the camera at an angle where it most benefits you while making split-second decisions. In gaming, controls matter by the second and thus you must invest in a good high response mouse to game with optimal conditions.

Cooling & maintenance

Your computer is a machine. We often tend to forget that as we engulf ourselves in the plethora of features it offers us right from the get-go. Regular care and checks are needed to ensure it keeps on functioning optimally. There’s a wide array of ways you could ensure it keeps on keeping on. Taking your PC to a local repair and maintenance store is one quick and efficient way if you’re not in the mood to do it yourself.

Or, if you are, then all you need is a wiping cloth and a small dose of cleaning detergent. Put a pinch of the detergent on the cloth, dampen it with lukewarm water, and gently clean your PC. Make sure to get the nook and crannies to ensure none of the dust and grime remains. If you’re finicky about keeping it clean or want to go the extra mile, invest in an air blower that can dislodge any dust stuck inside or around your PC.


Gaming is a rigorous activity and if you’re not careful, it can tire you out pretty quickly. Keep a healthy schedule for yourself where you can take breaks in sets and rejuvenate your senses. If you’re fresh and have your head in the right place, you have far superior twitch response times and make better tactical and strategic decisions.

So stay hydrated, rested, and fresh, and make sure to time your sessions. Apart from all that, get out there and show them your mettle.

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