22 thoughts on “Where do you even start with this series??”

  1. just pick one that people say is good and see if you like it
    the story in these games doesnt really matter and the continuity is minimal
    my suggestion: play aria of sorrow, dawn of sorrow, or symphony of the night

  2. Start by 1cc’ing the Top 10 Castlevania games of All Time:

    #10: Super Castlevania 4
    #9: Belmont’s Revenge
    #8: Haunted Castle
    #7: Adventure ReBirth
    #6: Rondo of Blood
    #5: Super Dracula X
    #4: Castlevania 1
    #3: X68000 / Chronicles
    #2: Bloodlines
    #1: Castlevania 3

  3. if you don’t want to go right into the deep end bloodlines is good. It’s on the easy side as far as classic castlevania goes and it’s also one of the better ones. I’m pretty sure the japanese version has infinite continues so you’ll probably want to download that

    • Only a few games are directly connected. Dawn of Sorrow is a direct sequel to Aria, 2 is a sequel to 1, Symphony of the Night has ties to Rondo but all of it’s explained in game.Otherwise they’re only loosely connected by "Dracula is resurrected, Belmont or occasionally someone else stops him"

  4. If you’re really interested in the classic, linear games, try Super Castlevania IV first. If you like it, give 1, 3, and Rondo of Blood a try too.
    For the Metroidvanias, Symphony of the Night is the one everybody recommends. It’s good, but if you want something a little shorter Aria of Sorrow is a good choice too. From there just play whichever ones you want.


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