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    What? Do you think FFVII is BBC propaganda because it has a macho black guy who is a father and leader? Stop being ridiculous.

  2. It’s one thing that it’s a survival horror/JRPG hybrid which is a weird enough sell, it’s another that the true final boss is behind the stupid Chrysler Building thing. I can see it having its fans but I wasn’t super crazy into it and I never finished the sequel.

  3. The trailer for Parasite Eve was one of the most terrifying things from my childhood.

    I would nope the fuck out for the rat transformation

    • Somehow modern graphics can’t replicate the creepiness of PS1 era 3D models for me, no matter how disgusting or gory they make things.

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    Third Birthday unironically peaks at the first mission
    >Tight corridors that take advantage of the TPS aiming
    >Side objectives
    >Backup and tacticool operations fucking shit up
    >No manual aiming except for bosses
    Everything else fucks it up.

    Ultimate Being’s theme getting remixed into a boss theme is cool though.

    Parasite Eve is an action game first and foremost. Body horror in cutscenes means jack shit when PE1 gives you wide shots to move Aya around, the RPG menus kill any tension and being honest the "body horror" doesn’t translate well into low poly PS1 shit. PE2 is more tense with the real time encounters and the enemies are way more aggresive, camera is closer too. The style of each game works well, I don’t get what you whine about.

      • >Combat theme is creepier than Arise
        >Camera uses closer shots
        >You have to aim with the shit tank controls
        >Enemies are way more agile and force Aya to keep moving
        You’re not shitting your pants, I get it, you’re a big boy.
        PE1 works fine as an ARPG with body horror enemies.
        PE2 works fine as a survival horror with RPG special attacks.
        But neither of them are scary.

        • >PE2 works fine as a survival horror
          I’m not sure I agree with this, since one of the ways through which survival horror creates tension is through resource scarcity, which isn’t really a concern here unless you’re doing runs on Scavenger mode. Ammo is just really plentiful in general, not only are infinite crates for the handgun a common enough sight, but paid for ammunition isn’t that expensive either, specially so since the M4 is rather affordable and yet really strong, so you just feel on top of your game, and that feeling increases as you unlock more of Aya’s powers. Add to that the armor ability to recover HP after fights on top of your MP and you’re almost self sufficient
          Don’t get me wrong, I think the combat can be really fun and is well put together, but a stricter adherence to that survival horror element could have helped things, since for someone’s first experience with PE2, with its fixed difficulty, you feel more like an exterminator taking on one more job

          • Right, and Aya is really strong in canon even despite losing her powers in between games. It’s just personal taste at this point but Idk, I guess I expected more of a survival aspect to be in it when I was coming to it blind. It still has some good creepy moments, though, I really liked how the trash compactor boss spits the severed heads of the horse-like enemies at you and they laugh manically at you before blowing up, that was neat.
            Something I found strange though was how casually the one guy still living in Dryfield moves around wherever he needs. It’s as if there’s no real hardship to it.

  5. Just what is the deal with PE2’s missables? They’re silly in how obscure and limited in availability they are. Did they do this to make people buy guides?

  6. It only had one game, and didn’t spawn a franchise like Resident Evil or Silent Hill, the two other major horror game franchises from that era.

  7. The first time I played this game, I got hardstuck in the Central Park level because you had to pixel hunt for a desk drawer that had a key inside it. It would be a 9/10 game without that shit

    • It has a lot of higher-end equipment and mods, from what I remember. Eventually, you’re going to just want to pick one weapon and armor to dump stats onto and perfect with your tools.

      • Normally I hate games with crafting systems, but Parasite Eve’s is actually one of the only ones I enjoy because you really are just picking one gun and mashing a bunch of other guns into it to create some absurd tricked-out hand cannon

    • it’s worth beating once if you really liked PE1’s combat
      not sure if beating the game once, then running chrysler at the end of your 2nd run is enough to have a decent time
      but i did my run after beating the main story 2 times and combining everything with at least 3 points on the way into my main junk weapon, that did pretty good and the final boss was still challenging

    • The cockroach boss is fucking bullshit, it’s 99 randomized floors and the ending is not canon. Gives you top tier equipment though, if you plan on replaying the game on NG+ might as well give it a go.

  8. Its like the evil dead but theres a megadeadite on the loose turning people and animals into minions as theyre needed.
    And ash is in full jefe mode
    Id have more go say but gotta replay it. Been years and havent finished it yet. Stuck on day 5

    • I wish I had saved the excerpt that gets posted in PE threads sometimes. It’s the scene where Eve shapeshifts into the Doctor’s wife and rapes him. She’s more like an amorphous blob of liquid flesh than the mutated human form she has in the game. I think the sentient goop she turns the Central Park audience into is closer to her book form.

  9. I only played PE2 and I thought it was just ok. It had that dogshit movement system like RE too. I’m so glad that it never caught on beyond those games.

    • Those movements were 100% needed in the old RE games though… 4 marked the start of the worst era of RE exactly because they did away with them.

      • Yeah I figured it was to make it harder and sort of make it scary I guess, but I wish they just found a different way to make it that way. Add more environmental traps, add fatigue, add an injury mechanic that can limp you. Make enemies a little faster to compensate. Anything, really.

  10. IDK but I love every game in the series (probably the only series where I can forgive that every game differ in gameplay), even The 3rd Birthday because for some reason the gameplay on PSP clicked for me

  11. Dogshit gameplay for all the wrong reasons. Scrolling down to "Play Furry Cutscene," or "Unload Uzi," and vaporizing mooks isn’t exactly fear-inducing gameplay. Even basic bitch shit like RE/SH at least attempts to create tense gameplay. PE doesn’t.

  12. 1st game was good
    2nd game was ehh and everything towards the end and love interest out of nowhere was retarded
    3rd never happened and hopefully nothing will spawn out of that

    what’s there to talk about

  13. From time to time it gets some discussion but is hard to keep on going, sometimes dead is better when it comes to these old IPs, the last game in the series had a terrible story thanks to the usual licensing hell.


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